“Since I have been with CableAmerica, the service has been great and I have also notice the upgrade to their system.”

“Service is excellent and meets all my streaming needs! :)”

“Great, consistent service. Outages are quickly resolved.”

“I have Internet service through CableAmerica. The overall service is excellent although my connection does drop from time to time.”

“I have been with CableAmerica for quite some time now and I have to say I love their service. The service is great and prices are awesome!”

“Service is fantastic! My wife and I have had some connectivity issues out here at Rudolph Road (Brentwood Terrace Subdivision), but the representatives and Tech support are very responsive and professional.”

“The installers were awesome, very fast, neat and very friendly.”

“We are totally satisfied with the service….the cable TV and the Internet. No issues except once in a while the Internet goes out but that’s not very often.”

“Excellent service. Best Internet in the area. I love CableAmerica.”

“In general the service has been good. Like any cable/Internet provider, there are occasional hiccups but service is typically restored quickly. CableAmerica provides far better service than the other available options in our area.”

“The customer service is great and feels personal, the cost is good and I haven’t had any issues with service or interruption”

“My overall opinion of my service with CableAmerica is great! I have had some issues with my Internet box and cable box in the past with them and their technicians were punctual and polite. I love CableAmerica.”

“Customer service is fantastic. They are friendly and helpful, especially with billing questions and issues. I have worked with customer service several times to take advantage of promotional offers to keep my bill low.”

“I’ve called CableAmerica to check for faster speeds and to talk about my bill and I’ve always had a great experience with your customer service.”

“The customer service has been very quick when I have called and has solved my problem every time.”

“Everyone has always been very polite. Corporate should be very proud of their employees in the Licking MO area.”

“Customer Service is always helpful if I call with an issue. There was one time when I called about a bill and the woman said she adjusted; found out a month later, it was never adjusted. However, it was adjusted the second time around.”

“Getting my account set up and installation went smoothly. The customer service rep was very helpful and the installers were very neat, clean and helpful.”

“I recently added higher speed Internet the tech that came out was down to earth and very insightful answering all questions i had right away what the problem was and gave me the info I was looking for. I love how I don’t have to wait on hold forever and get basic help like you would with AT&T in the area, the techs will tell me exactly what the problem is and where it’s at!”

“The technician I had was very knowledgeable and polite. He answered every question we could throw at him and I was very satisfied with my service.”

“My first and last experience with a technician was during installation about a year ago. It was quick and easy. He located the outlet and was in/out within 30 minutes!”

“The very last technician Eric was extremely courteous and professional. He has been the only representative of CableAmerica that has been able to answer questions and understand my frustration. As well as him apologizing for any and all inconvenience I have had to deal with.”