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Digital Phone

Digital Phone

CableAmerica Digital Phone is an affordable, full-featured, broadband telephony service. You will have access to the most advanced broadband communications system in the country.  Enjoy unlimited local and domestic long distance, plus popular calling features*. You also have the convenience of keeping your existing telephone number, plus digital phone works with your existing phones there is no equipment that you need to buy.

  • Unlimited Local Calling

  • Unlimited Domestic Long Distance

  • 3-way Calling

  • Call Waiting

  • Caller ID

  • Call Waiting ID

  • Call Forwarding

Unlimited Local Phone

All the popular calling features PLUS unlimited local calling.

Prices presented require autopay and e-billing and do not include cost of equipment, taxes, fees, surcharges or installation. Total price will be reviewed when placing your order. All services may not be available in all areas.

Voicemail Quickstart Guide

Download our PDF guide to learn how to set up voicemail.

Frequently Asked Questions


You can report police, medical, fire and other emergencies by dialing 911 and be connected to a live emergency operator. CableAmerica Digital Phone comes with the feature Enhanced 911 which will display your address for the emergency operator to direct emergency personnel to your location.

However, if there is an extended outage, or if CableAmerica’s network is inoperable, your digital phone service will not operate, including the ability to call 911. You may want to maintain alternative service such as a wireless phone in case of a power outage or an outage on CableAmerica’s network. CableAmerica Digital Phone service includes battery backup to ensure service for 4 to 8 hours (dependent on usage) if there is a power outage in your home.

Our phone service utilizes equipment that is connected to your home’s power. Because our equipment does not include a backup battery source, if there is power interruption to your home, your service will not work. For more information, please see the battery backup section of our site.

Yes. We are confident that you will like the clarity and simplicity of our service. In the unlikely event that you do not wish to keep the service, as with all CableAmerica services, you will be eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee for the flat monthly charge. However, you will be responsible for charges incurred for International calling and use of Operator Services and Directory Assistance.

Yes. You will be listed in Directory Assistance 411 and in your local telephone book. You will be given the option of having your phone number listed, unlisted, or unpublished.

Yes. You can have 2 different phone numbers and multiple phone outlets activated.

Yes. CableAmerica offers telephony solutions for business.


You will receive one bill for all of your CableAmerica services, including your Digital Phone service. Your monthly phone charge will appear on this bill including a daily summary of additional charges for any calls made to international locations, Directory Assistance and Operator Services. You will also be billed for local, state and federal taxes and any applicable regulatory fees and surcharges associated with your phone service, similar to those charged by traditional phone service providers.

No. At the time the service is activated, you will be asked to pay a prorated charge for the service for the number of days left in your present month’s billing cycle. The next bill will include the first full month’s charge for CableAmerica Digital Phone, which is billed in advance.

All CableAmerica Digital Phone customers will pay applicable local, state and federal taxes. Of course, if you make calls to international locations, or use Operator Services or Directory Assistance, these calls also will incur applicable taxes based on usage.

In addition, your bill will include applicable regulatory fees included with your phone service. Currently the most common regulatory surcharge is the Enhanced 9-1-1 surcharge, if applicable, which is a charge billed on behalf of the Public Safety administration in the area in which you live to help provide 911 emergency services to your community; a Federal and State Universal Service Fund charge that is used to ensure that phone services are widely available throughout the United States; and a Telecommunications Relay Service fee, which assists the hearing and speech impaired to communicate with providers of telecommunications services.

You may have switched phone service with your former phone company during the middle of your billing cycle. Based on this, the carrier will send you a bill for the last days that you had service in order to close your account.


We are typically able to schedule the standard installation of CableAmerica Digital Phone within 7 business days of your service inquiry depending on whether you obtain a new number or keep your existing one.

A typical standard phone installation takes approximately 1 hour.

If you are keeping your current number, your local phone company requires CableAmerica to give them a seven-day notice that you will be switching service to CableAmerica Digital Phone. Without this seven-day notice, your local phone company could fail to transfer your current telephone number to your new phone service. As a result, you could lose the option of keeping your current telephone number as well as the temporary loss of telephone service altogether. Therefore, make sure you notify CableAmerica in advance in the event that you are unable to be at home for your appointment.

CableAmerica provides support 7 days a week for all of our services. We have local support teams in all areas that we serve.


Yes. CableAmerica Digital Phone will not interfere with your CableAmerica high-speed Internet service, so you can use the Internet and make calls at the same time.

Yes. CableAmerica Digital Phone will not interfere with your CableAmerica cable TV service, so you can watch TV and make calls simultaneously.

CableAmerica Digital Phone does not support dial-up Internet Service Providers. Please call us and ask about the benefits of subscribing to CableAmerica high-speed Internet service.

CableAmerica supplies and maintains the phone modem. If there are issues with the phone modem CableAmerica will send a technician to troubleshoot and replace it, if necessary. If you disconnect your CableAmerica phone service, it is your responsibility to return the phone modem to CableAmerica, or you will incur an unreturned equipment fee.

No. There is no additional equipment to buy as long as you have a working telephone with a standard modular RJ11 jack in your home. To use some of the calling features such as Caller ID Name and Number, you must have Caller ID display equipment or a phone with Caller ID built in.

No. Any standard, touch-tone phone will work with CableAmerica Digital Phone. It makes no difference whether it is a wall mounted phone or a portable cordless phone. All types of standard, touch-tone phones can be used. To use some of the calling features such as Caller ID name and number, you must have Caller ID display equipment or a phone with Caller ID built in.

While CableAmerica does not guarantee the use of home security systems with its phone service, many home security systems will function with CableAmerica phone service. Your security company will need to test the system following installation. You may want to maintain a separate phone line for your security system.

Yes, but you may no longer need an answering machine. Our CableAmerica Digital Phone Residential Feature Pak includes Voice Mail along with many other popular calling features for an additional fee. Voice mail will record and store messages when you are unavailable to answer the phone. Of course, you can continue to keep your answering machine as well.