What You Need to Know

5G Home Internet is fixed wireless internet which utilizes a cellular network to deliver internet to homes. It’s the same cellular network smartphones operate on. A cellular network with interference could mean streaming video buffering, jitter when gaming, or dropped connections while working from home on zoom calls. It’s a poor substitute for the internet delivered on Sparklight’s fiber-fueled network, which is faster and more reliable.

Why Do T-Mobile And Verizon 5G Home Internet Underperform Compared to Sparklight?

Because 5G networks are cellular networks, they’re less reliable than wired networks like Sparklight’s. The wireless interference, speed limitations, network congestion and mobile traffic associated with 5G Home Internet can make for a frustrating experience.

Check out the reasons below highlighting why Sparklight’s Internet delivers a faster and more reliable experience than 5G Home Internet.


5G Home Internet service is advertised as fast, but it’s not yet as consistent or reliable as the wired connection delivered by Sparklight Internet. Read the fine print. 5G Home Internet reliability and consistency stipulations are numerous.


Because 5G Home Internet is wireless and relies on the same cell towers as 5G mobile devices, obstructions such as buildings, trees, and bad weather impact its performance.


5G Home Internet performance can differ depending on the mobile provider and other factors but significant speed fluctuations during peak usage times are very common with the service.


5G Home Internet competes for capacity with cell phones – and mobile customers are commonly prioritized over 5G Home Internet customers during periods of network congestion.

5G Home Internet Pros & Cons

While 5G Home Internet can be a good solution for consumers with limited internet options, the reality is if you have access to a wired broadband connection like Sparklight’s your experience will likely be faster and more reliable. Sparklight delivers 99.9% reliability and internet speeds up to 1 Gig.


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5G Home Internet is not yet capable of being as consistent or reliable as Sparklight Internet. Broadband internet has the advantage of being wired—this helps avoid some of the interference that may be present with a fixed wireless connection.

No, 5G stands for fifth generation and does not refer to the service’s speed.

Most 5G Home Internet customers currently experience speeds that are slower than speeds offered by cable internet providers.