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I have received several questions over the years on how big the rocks are or how can I tell how big the waves are. 
To put the scene in perspective I have scrounged the Lake Cam Archives and assembled a few shots that will help sort this out.

Update 1/14/02: Today I was delighted to receive an e-mail from Dan Darling.  
"Hope you'll enjoy these 'Wave Studies' done as an exercise in 'feeling' the power of the Big Lake."
Dan has been busy morphing some of the people shots with wave shots. He has done an excellent job. Her are his findings:

Using this shot Dan cut the people off the rock.

He also cut the people out of this shot

And "Morphed" them into this shot

And this one as well

Maybe  Dan could "morph" in rain coats and umbrellas! 
Thanks to his work you can get the feel of the size of the waves. 
Dan the Lake Cam Salutes You.


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